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The Benza RPG Ending Movie

The world of The Benza leapt from TV to games in 2020, with the release of The Benza RPG to iOS, Android and Steam. The free game has come leaps and bounds since its original release. Now almost two years later, the game is complete!

The game opens on a video directed by my Benza directing partner Raito Nishizaka and earlier this year I directed and edited the ending video. Of course, I can’t tell you much about what I shot, to see it you’ll need to download the game and get through the 30 hours of content first! It’s a super deep RPG and trust me, those hours are going to just fly by.

Tokyo Cowboys plans to release the game on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Directing a video that will be featured in a Nintendo game? Yeah, that's super exciting!


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