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Getting Dirty in Japan

2023. 6 Episodes

Episodes 2/3/6 Director

Episodes 1~6 Co-Editor.

Swedish outdoor enthusiast and reporter Janni Olsson leads her team on various outdoor adventures across Japan.

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The Benza: Series 2

2021. 6 Episodes

Episodes 3/4/5 Director

Episodes 1~6 Editor.

Chris and Kyle share a house in Tokyo, Japan. They lived in peace and happiness until the day their toilet seat broke. What happened? Where do you buy a toilet seat in Japan? How do you even say 'toilet seat' in Japanese? What exactly is a Final Benza and what does it have to do with the world ending? Join Chris and Kyle on their journey for answers in this hyper realistic comedic adventure.

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Benza English

2020. 8 Episodes.

Co-Director / Co-Editor

The cast from the hit Japanese comedy "The Benza" returns in this outlandish, outrageous spin off series that will teach you all the English you never knew you needed to know.

12 Award Wins.

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