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Taking the Main Stage at Tokyo Comic Con

Life is very surreal at times! A few weeks ago I took to the main stage alongside fellow Benza director Raito and the main cast of the show. We had an hour up there and we gave a full load of Benza to the audience. Me and Raito introduced the first episode, followed by a screening. The cast then took to the stage to answer questions, sing, dance and even do a live-whipping!

I was certainly nervous walking out onto such a large stage, but once I opened my mouth I felt right at home. Walking back onto the stage at the end of the hour for a group picture was incredible. The crowd had grown tenfold, hundreds of faces looking up to us. It's an incredible feeling being able to connect and show our program to so many people.

Not only did we hit the stage, but we also had a booth in artist alley where we gave out tissues to everyone walking by for the three day event. It's amazing when someone tweets about the show, but actually being able to connect to a viewer and hear their reactions in person is something completely else. We came, we saw and we certainly conquered!


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