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Big Win and Nominations at Seoul Webfest 2022!

On August 20th, Seoul Webfest announced the winners for this years’ festival in a live stream from Korea. This year was the first in-person event since 2019. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip over to Seoul this time, but that didn’t stop us getting us a great win!

The Benza: Series 2 was nominated for four awards: Best Comedy, Best of all Series’, Best Music and Best Director for both me and Raito Nishizaka. Of the four we walked away with the award for Best Comedy! A wonderful result all round. It was especially weird for me to see my face come up on screen during the director nominations. Hopefully next year I can join everyone on stage, rather than just on the screen.

A big congratulations to all of The Benza family on this wonderful award.


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