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One Step

Short Film. 2018.

Writer / Director / Editor.

When Tadashi sees a girl from his school stood alone on the beach, he becomes determined to find out why.

If you are interested in hiring me and would like to see a private screener of this film, then please email me from the contact page

Past Screenings

2020/01/25 - Eurasia International Film Festival (Russia)

2019/09/14 - Tokyo Cinema Union: Short Film Day (Japan)

2019/07/13 - Tokyo in Tulsa (America)

2019/06/22 - Tokyo Indie Film Night (Japan)

2019/05/29 - Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival (Japan)

2019/05/10 - Damah International Film Festival (Japan)

2019/03/31 - Trenton Film Festival (America)

2019/02/23 - Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival (Canada)

2019/02/19 - International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, London (United Kingdom)

2019/02/15 - CrashLanded (America)

2018/12/20 - Tokyo Cowboys Film Festival (Japan)

2018/11/22 - Muestra Intergaláctica (Mexico)

2018/10/12 - Royal Starr Film Festival

2018/09/14 - International Thai Film Festival (Thailand)

2018/08/04 - Out of the Can Film Festival (United Kingdom)

2022/03/26 - Aichi Vision (Nagoya, Japan)


Best Short (Under 15 Min) & Film of the Month. Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, June 2019.

Best Drama (Second Place). Out of the Can Film Festival 2018.

Best Supporting Actor (Motomichi). Tokyo Cowboys Film Festival 2018.


Best Original Screenplay Foreign Language Film & Best Hair, Makeup and Body Design. International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, London 2019.

Best Short Film. International Thai Film Festival 2018.

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