Featured Projects


I Just Wanted to See You

Short Film. 2020.

Writer / Director / Editor.

A suspicious man silently trails behind a young woman. A red note is mysteriously left at the door. Secrets long buried return to haunt a family living in Tokyo.

3 Award Wins. 6 Nominations.

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Benza English

TV Series. 2020.

Co-Director / Co-Editor

The cast from the hit Japanese comedy "The Benza" returns in this outlandish, outrageous spin off series that will teach you all the English you never knew you needed to know.

12 Award Wins.

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One Step

Short Film. 2018.

Writer / Director / Editor.

When Tadashi sees a girl from his school stood alone on the beach, he becomes determined to find out why.

4 Award Wins. 3 Nominations.

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